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ToupTek Astro

M54 2″ Filter Drawer

M54 2″ Filter Drawer

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Our filter drawer can effectively prevent light leakage under long exposure conditions, and it can also better fit other brand's cameras. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel McCann
Works great

This is the perfect filter drawer for my Touptek camera and Sigma lens. Excellent build quality too.

Matthias Steiner
Touptek Filter drawer

Good product, only to thread-in and -out a filter is difficult. The height of the framing is too high.

Juuso Rauten

Really nice strong magnets. I really need to give it a nice pull to get the slider off. This gives me confidence my filter is safe during transport and imaging.

Scott in Harwood
M54 2" Filter Drawer

I got this since a reviewer said it had much stronger magnets than the ZWO drawer. I can only give it a three star review since the magnets holding the drawer in place are no stronger that those of the ZWO filter drawer. I have had it fall out once already so I have a fat rubber band around it to insure my $200 filter is not damaged.