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IMX585 Colorful Camera ATR3CMOS08300KPA
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All DSO Cooled Cameras need to be connected to an external 11-14v power supply to image.

ATR585C camera adopts SONY IMX585 sensor, which is a state-of-the-art camera for imaging both, planetary and deep-sky objects. It is designed with an integrated heat dissipation structure and an efficient cooling module. This allows the image sensor to operate at a temperature that is 45℃ lower than ambient temperature.

It comes with the following specifications: zero amp-glow, very small pixel size, and high dynamic range (HDR) mode. So it is suitable as an entry-level camera for deep space photography ,very cost-effective.

Please remember: all Touptek astro deep cooling cameras can only be powered by DC12V 3A power supply. We recommend using the power adapter that comes with the camera or a lithium-ion battery thatcan stably output 11-14V. Please do not use power supplies that have falsely stated specifications or unstable outputs to power the camera, as this may affect image capture or even damage the camera.


STARVIS refers to the backlight image sensor technology developed by Sony to improve low light characteristics and near-infrared sensitivity. STARVIS 2 improves dynamic range and near-infrared sensitivity compared to STARVIS1. Benefiting from it, ATR585C shows better performance.

ATR585C is a 1/1.2-inch optical format, 8.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor with a pixel size of 2.9um. lt offers high clarity and low-noise performance.

ATR585C camera has a 512MB (4Gb) DDR3 buffer, which helps maintain the stability of data transmission, and effectively reduce the amp-glow problem since image data can be temporarily buffered without being sent hastily to the receiver.

Two stage TEC cooling system

ATR585C is designed with an integrated heat dissipation structure and an efficient cooling module. The cooling system of ATR585C features a two-stage Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) with controllable electric fan assisting in heat dissipation. This allows the image sensor to operate at temperatures up to 42 degrees Celsius lower than the ambient temperature. The exposure time can be set for up to 1 hour, ensuring that every minute detail is captured. Even in summer, it can still run stably all night with cooling temperatures ranging from of -5°C to -10°C.

Zero Amp-Glow

ATR585C has been carefully designed and is able to achieve zero amp-glow photo shooting. This not only greatly reduces the generation of internal glow, but also effectively suppresses the interference of external light. It also enhances the stability and durability of the camera, which means you'll be able to capture sharper, cleaner images in both long and high exposure modes.

Anti-fog technology

ATR585C adopts the new anti-dew technology , which can effectively solve the condensation problem through heating.

This heating function consumes about 5 watts, which can be turned off via software to save power.

Additionally, The dew heater at the protection window has 4 adjustable levels, allowing users to find the heating power that best suits their needs.

Camera parameters(Full resolution、RAW 12-bit mode、Temperature: -10°C、LCG)

Camera parameters(Full resolution、RAW 12-bit mode、Temperature: -10°C、HCG)

Camera parameters(Full resolution、RAW 16-bit mode、Temperature: -10°C、HDR)

QE (Quantum efficiency)

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Mastrocinque
Great camera but poor customer service

This is the second camera I have bought from ToupTek. The sales assistance is excellent. They even agreed to disconnect the LED lights for me so I wouldn't lose my warranty by opening the camera up myself (thank you for this!). But once I bought the camera, and reached out to their customer service to have the correct plug sent to me (they sent me the wrong power plug), I was ghosted. Still no response and that was a couple of weeks ago. They did the same thing after I bought the first camera and asked questions about unity gain—it took weeks to get a decent answer from them. That said, this camera is awesome!

Dear Thomas Mastrocinque,we're so sorry for the trouble,about we sent the wrong plug issue, we have replyed on January 2th but nobody respond yet,you contatc with us on December 29th,we're on our New Year's Day 3 holidays then
If you have any question please conatct with our email,we'll try our best to solve the problem.