ToupTek Astro Contribute to the Success of the Shen Kuo Intelligent Observatory Grand Opening!

On  April 27th, 2024, the first intelligent public science education and practice base in China, the Shen Kuo Intelligent Education Observatory, was officially inaugurated.

As one of the key collaborators in this groundbreaking project, ToupTek Astro witnessed this awe-inspiring moment with other astronomy enthusiasts when the brushes painted the sky of widening Chinese astronomical education.


To set up a complete set of observation gear for the observatory, ToupTek Astro provided the ATR3CMOS26000KPA DSO camera, widely recognized by deep space photography enthusiasts, and the G3M178C guiding camera recommended for solar imaging.

These cameras promise to unveil a whole new universe of astronomical visual experiences for students and enthusiasts alike! 

ToupTek Astro will continue to delve into the popularization of astronomy for education, pushing astronomy and astrophotography towards a broader audience.