Major Improvement in ToupTek Astro DSO Cooled Camera SkyEye24AC

ToupTek Astro SkyEye24AC camera has a significant improvement: The appearance of random camera readout noise has been greatly suppressed, and its main manifestation is the elimination of horizontal stripes in the image background.

Key Point - Horizontal Stripes Reduction: After improvements, the horizontal stripes in SkyEye24AC image almost disappeared, helping users get cleaner and sharper astrophotography images, thereby the image quality is enhanced.

SkyEye24AC is designed based on Sony IMX410 color image CMOS sensor, providing two readout modes: LCG (Low Conversion Gain) and HCG (High Conversion Gain), along with a Low Noise Mode to reduce readout noise. In Low Noise Mode, the readout noise level in LCG mode is higher than in HCG mode.

Comparison of Imaging Effects Before and After SkyEye24AC Camera Improved:
Comparison of image quality before and after the upgrade under different exposure times is listed below:

LCG Mode, 0s Exposure Image (Bias Frame)
LCG Mode, 300s Exposure Image (Dark Frame)

HCG Mode, 0s Exposure Image (Bias Frame)

HCG Mode, 300s Exposure Image (Dark Frame)

These images for comparison show that the optimized SkyEye24AC significantly suppresses and eliminates background random horizontal stripes!

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