ToupTek Astro’ Debut at the Northeast Astronomy Forum & Space Expo - NEAF & NEAIC 2024!

Recently, ToupTek Astro made its debut at the 2024 NEAF and NEAIC, presenting high-quality deep space imaging equipment to astronomy enthusiasts from around the world. Among the showcased flagship products were the DSO cooled camera ATR3CMOS08300KPA, the guiding camera GPM462M, and the astronomical accessory OAG.

The ATR3CMOS08300KPA is widely recognized as the top choice for entry-level astrophotography. Equipped with a Sony IMX585 1/1.2-inch color sensor, it boasts 4K high-definition resolution, efficient stable cooling, and low readout noise. Supporting HDR mode, it achieves image effects close to 16 bits, with a dynamic range of up to 85.6dB. It offers excellent value for money, making it easy for novice astrophotographers to get started.

The GPM462M is ToupTek Astro's first guiding camera to feature a Type C data transmission port, equipped with a Sony STARVIS technology-based IMX462 monochrome sensor. With zero amp-glow, a pixel size of 2.9um, and a resolution of 1920*1080, it is ideal for OAG with short focal length guide scopes. It exhibits sensitive responses in both visible light and near-infrared ranges, adapting well to low-light conditions to prevent the loss of guide stars and significantly improve guiding efficiency and accuracy.

ToupTek Astro's OAG is compatible with full-frame cameras, offering multiple choice of M48, M54, and M68 thread adapters. With a prism size of 10mm×10mm and a double helical focuser, it ensures stable guiding performance.

While the curtains may have closed on the NEAF & NEAIC 2024, for ToupTek Astro, it marks the new possibilities and beginning of exploring astrophotography. Thanks for every support and attention!

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