ToupTek Astro Large Off-Axis Guider OAG-X : Bigger Prism, Broader Clear Aperture!

ToupTek Astro's lager Off-Axis Guider- OAG-X is upcoming! Designed with a larger prism and broader aperture, this new guider is here to enhance your guiding experience.


Off-axis guides

- Prism Size: 14x10mm

- Effective Clear Aperture: 14x7mm

- Thickness: Only 17.5mm.

The OAG-X’s expansive clear aperture is suitable for guiding cameras with a 1/1.8" or larger format, such as ToupTek Astro G3M178M, G3M678M, and G3M2210M. This allows for a broader field of view in guiding.

Why Choose the OAG-X?

With its large prism and wide aperture, the OAG-X captures and transmits more light, ensuring that the guiding camera’s sensor receives a rich signal even in dim conditions. This means you can locate and track guide stars more easily and with greater flexibility when choosing guiding cameras.

Structural Details:

 Off-axis guides

Dual Helical Focuser: Precise focusing and direct insertion of the guiding camera without a guiding scope.

Height Pad Module: Designed to be compatible with ToupTek’s G3M series with a long-shape front and GPM series cameras, as well as guiding cameras for other brands, the distance between the sensor and CS interface is 12.5mm.

This native height module on the OAG-X raises the swing-up focuser, improves the adaptability to the large outer diameter focuser, and avoids the interference between the OAG focuser and the telescope focuser in the original state of OAG-L.

OAG-X has six screw countersinks on the front plate for the connection with the telescope, which supports the replacement of the front plate with three threads of M48, M54, and M68. The smaller screw hole on the thread is used to adjust the prism freely by loosening it.

There are 10 holes on the inner circle for connecting extenders, filter wheels, or filter drawers.(Behind these accessories, the main camera can be attached. ) With M2.5 screws, the 6 holes can be used to assemble ToupTek Astro AFW filter wheel or filter drawer; through the other 4 holes, it can be used to assemble filter wheels of some other brands. 

MSRP: $170 


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